(Frequently asked questions about PRO-Executive Coach)

Question # 1What do I gain from executive coaching?
Answer – It all depends upon your particular needs and what you put into the coaching engagement.  Although the process we use moves through the same stages for every executive, the paths and activities chosen for the journey are customized for each individual.  Your level of honest participation in the coaching sessions and the completion of assigned activities will determine what you gain from executive coaching.

Question # 2What makes PRO-Executive Coach unique?
Answer – We do not try to be life coaches, business coaches, or career coaches.  We focus on helping the individual executive make improvements in business behavior to achieve a higher level of personal performance.  We accomplish this within a limited time frame.  We are not looking to have an extended engagement without goals and objectives.  We use a proven process for all of our coaching engagements.

Question # 3Why is the PRO Coaching process so highly regarded?
Answer – PRO-Executive coaches are selected only after rigorous classroom training in select universities in combination with a period of successful practicum coaching.

Question # 4What commitments do I need to make?
Answer – The typical engagement is completed over a 12 week period.  During this time the executive commits to one weekly meeting with the coach that is one hour long and also the completion of assigned exercises in between these one-on-one meetings.

Question # 5Where are coaching sessions held?
Answer – Typically coaching sessions are held at locations away from the place of business.  The best location is agreed upon by the client and the coach.  Quite frequently the location changes from meeting to meeting depending on the client’s needs.

Question # 6What is the cost?  How do I start?
Answer – We start by having a phone conversation to determine if your needs and our process are a good fit.  If we decide to work together we will establish the appropriate fee for the total coaching engagement at that time based on your individual situation.