“Are you looking for that missing ingredient to help produce a higher level of professional performance in your personal career”?

“Do you have a key person in your organization that could benefit from positive changes in business behavior”?

“That is what PRO-Executive Coach is all about”

PRO-Executive Coach specializes in working with organizations and leaders to achieve improved organizational performance and personal effectiveness.  We offer our executive coaching services both to individuals seeking to be their best and to companies who have identified management personnel who will benefit from coaching.

What is Executive Coaching?
Our definition of executive coaching is “A regular one-on-one meeting with a trained facilitator, designed to produce specific, positive changes in business behavior in a fixed time frame.”

Executive coaching can be the shortest point between where a person is and where they want to be.  At PRO-Executive Coach we use our PRO Coaching process for all coaching engagements.

What is PRO Executive Coaching?
The PRO coaching process is acknowledged as a leader in the executive coaching field.  All PRO executive executive coaches must successfully complete university training and certification requirements.

The PRO process is an executive coaching engagement that is designed to help executives achieve a higher level of professional success. This proven process focuses on the behavioral components of executive activity.

Our philosophy is that your strengths got you to where you are today.  There is usually a weakness in business behavior that keeps you from getting to the next level.  It’s not as easy as working on strengths but working on weaknesses gets profound results.

Who Should Consider Executive Coaching?
Using our disciplined coaching process, we guide our clients toward achieving the desired leadership goals for themselves and their businesses.  Leaders and managers at all levels can benefit from participating in the executive coaching process.

Executive Coaching Certification Program:

John Rouse -Executive Coach