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Who We Are:

PRO-Executive Coach is a very specialized function of Professional Resources Organization (PRO). At PRO-Executive Coach we concentrate on executive coaching and only on executive coaching. We work with business leaders to produce positive changes in business behavior in a limited time frame. All executive coaches associated with PRO-Executive Coach are university certified and use the PRO Coaching process.

John Rouse facilitates the PRO-Executive Coach services offered by PRO.

Mr. Rouse received his certification in executive coaching from Miami University in 2010. The executive coaching process utilized by Miami University is widely recognized as the gold standard in the executive coaching field. John follows this process in coaching and combines it with other tools and techniques gained from years of experience.

John’s business and organizational experience is extensive. He has worked in small, mid-sized, and large organizations including small start-ups and two large Fortune 500 firms. His business roles have covered a wide range of functions and have included the titles of President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Marketing Manager, and Sales Manager. As a partner in a management consulting firm for several years John also had the opportunity to gain a wide range of exposure to many different sized companies and numerous business situations. As a member of several trade association and business boards of directors he has provided guidance to individuals and their leadership teams.

Facilitating the development of high-performing people and organizations has always been a passion of John’s. He combines his wide-ranging experience, education (master’s in management), and skills in the executive coaching process to help organizational leaders move to a higher level of performance. His interest in the ongoing learning and development of people has motivated him to serve as an adjunct instructor at local universities. He is also dedicated to his own continuous personal improvement and life-long learning.

John believes that executive coaching can be the shortest distance between where a person is and getting them to where they want to be.

(Note): PRO has alliances with other certified executive coaches. Depending on your situation and your location one of these qualified coaches might be recommended for your executive coaching engagement.

“Our mission is to facilitate the development of high-performing people and organizations.”